Quick Front Load Washing Machine Maintenance Tips to Make It Last Longer

Have you just switched from a top load washing machine to a front load washing machine? Indeed, there are many things to love about it. Check out these great front load washing machine maintenance tips that make your appliance last so much longer.

Front load washing machines are easy to access because of their front door, more energy saving, and treat your clothes with more care because they do not consist of a central agitator for stirring or shaking.

No wonder, many homes today have replaced their old, water-guzzling, top loading machines with these more updated and efficient front load models.

a house wife operating her front load washing machine, check out these simple front load washing machine maintenance tips

However, these modern-looking front load machines aren’t perfect either unless perfectly maintained. Their design allows for rapid growth of mildew and mold. Their parts are expensive. Thus, a lot of people are considering buying another machine that is more cost-effective.

Ensuring the smooth operation of your front load machines becomes easy if you can keep it clean through regular maintenance. So regardless of how old your front load machine is, its maintenance doesn’t need to be burdensome or costly.

6 Front Load Washing Machine Maintenance Tips Ensuring a Smooth Operation of Your Home Appliance

1.     Use the vent latch

Vent latches are now featured in many front loading washing machines.

They allow you to keep the door of the machine open a few inches when it is not being used. This helps the machine throw out air as well as stop pets and young children from crawling in.

In case, the vent latch feature is not present in your machine, you can keep the door open a few inches for ventilation.

2.     Detergent drawer

You must always clean the detergent drawer first because it can accumulate excess detergent that can stop your clothes from being cleaned properly. This can even lead to the clogging up of your drains.

Once the detergent drawer is out, put it in warm water and then remove the residue using a toothbrush. Finally, use an anti-bacterial spray to kill all germs.

3.     Clear the drain pump filter

It is important for you to clear the drain pump filter, located near the bottom of your machine, after several washings to ensure its efficient running.

4.     Clean the door seal

Since the door seal can easily trap in moisture, it is essential to wipe it and then seal it with towels or thick rags.

Top Tip: Use a towel soaked in mildew cleaner to wipe the seal, followed by dry wiping.

5.     Remove your washed clothes immediately

Since front loading washing machines have no ventilation, avoid keeping your washed clothes inside them for a very long time.

Added to this, wet clothes also allow bacteria to flourish, therefore, making it all the more important to shift the washed clothes to the dryer immediately after the wash.

6.     When facing trouble, call a professional for repairs

an appliance repair expert checking out a front load washing machine, Quick Front Load Washing Machine Maintenance Tips to Make It Last Longer

If your front loading washing machine shows signs of problems, call a professional technician immediately.

Small problems can turn into bigger problems very quickly.

So, people should not take their washing machines for granted until they break down completely.

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