Does the light in your fridge not work or work in an incomprehensible way? When you open your refrigerator, is the food near the light source not as cold as the rest of your food? This may indicate that your fridge light won’t turn off when the door is closed as it should.

It is typically an issue that goes unnoticed since we can’t see the inside when the door is shut. We always just assume that our largest, most used appliance is doing it’s part. However, as the owner, we still need to take care of it as we would with any other appliance issue.

Fridge Light Won’t Turn Off

So, your fridge light won’t turn off. First, figure out the root of the issue and why the light won’t turn off. Afterwards, you can either replace the bulb or the bulb socket for a quick remedy.

How Do I Know The Fridge Light Isn’t Turning Off?

Most refrigerators come with a sensor or some type of switch that controls that light function when the fridge door opens and closes. Find that sensor and either press or cover it to see if it is controlling the light function properly. If the light stays on when you do so, then it is time for some maintenance.

Another way to determine whether the light is an issue is checking the food that sits close to the light source. Touch the food to see if it is cool as the other food in another area away from the light. Food that is warm or even hot is being heated by the light bulb while the door is closed. Food that is being affected by this issue will go bad quickly and may need to be thrown out.

What If I Just Take The Bulb Out?

Go ahead! For the meantime until you find out what the actual issue is, just take the light bulb out. The light bulb has no other function other than allowing you to see when rummaging around in your fridge. It is actually better for the quality of your food to take the bulb out, especially if it’s not turning off and heating up your food. Make sure you cover the area where the bulb goes with tape or some kind of cover.

How Do I Fix This?

The problem with having to fix the light within your refrigerator is there are many small parts that can contribute to the issue. Check for the issue in steps starting with the easiest to replace and move on to the harder parts. Always remember to unplug the fridge before replacing any parts or taking it apart, whether you’re simply changing a bulb or repairing a compressor noise.

Replace The Switch

You can easily replace the switch by taking it out and replacing it with a switch that can be bought either online or at a home improvement store. Take the switch out with a screwdriver or butter knife and just pop it out. There should be one or two cords plugged into it, just unplug those and plug them into the new switch.

Check The Switch

When you’re testing out the light switch in the fridge door, see if there is some resistance or stickiness. Sometimes, this switch can get sticky or have some calcium build up. The stickiness can be cleaned if you just remove the switch panel and wash it with some warm water and dish detergent.

Replace The Bulb Socket –

When the switch is not a problem, you may need to replace the whole light bulb socket. Again, replacements can be bought online or from a home improvement store. The socket can be pooped out similarly to how it is done for the light switch as well. The socket will go in and connect like a wall plug in.

Bottom Line

Even our most reliable appliances need some love and care. If your fridge light wont turn off when it is closed, you may have an issue with your light switch or bulb socket. You may want to call your fridge manufacturer or a reliable refrigerator repair service such as All Pro Appliance & Refrigerator repair service to ask if there have been any similar issues reported for the same make and model as your appliance. The manufacturer may be able to give you a better solution, a replacement or send out a specialist to take care of the issue.