How to Fix a Broken Dryer?

First things first, there may be some dryer issues that you may just not be able to fix yourself. In such cases, you would have no other option but to go with professional dryer repair help.

However, for some common dryer issues that are not as complex, we will walk you through them while also explaining how to fix a broken dryer.

How to Fix a Broken Dryer and Other Common Dryer Issues

#1  Unusually Noisy

If your dryer is making a lot of noise, one of its parts may not be working as it should.

In such a case, the most important step would be to find that part. And to do that, you need to remove the dryer’s cabinet and check for damaged glides.

Other parts to check for would be drum bearings, drum support rollers and shaft, drive belt and idler pulley.

#2  Dryer Not Starting

This is another common dryer issue.

However, it may not be as challenging to fix as it might seem, as all you need to do is inspect key elements of the dryer such as the high limit thermostat or cycling thermostat and the heating element.

#3  Heating Issues

In some dryer repair issues, the dryer just wouldn’t produce enough heat or any heat at all.

It’s actually one of the easier problems to fix, and involve parts like the fuses and heating elements.

#4  Tumbling Issues

Not the most common dryer issue, but a dryer that won’t tumble or turn cannot be ruled out as well.

Check dryer parts that have taken more beating than they can handle.

You need to check for parts that have taken more beating than they can handle, and they are typically the switches or belts.

#5  Timer Not Working Properly

If the timer is not advancing, you will likely have functionality issues with the dryer.

It can be a bit trickier to fix, especially if you have never dealt with a dryer repair issue before.

However, if you take the time and inspect parts like the timer motors and cycling thermostat, you should be able to figure out what’s wrong eventually.

#6  Not Being Quick Enough with the Drying

Just like heating issues, you may encounter drying issues, too.

When you do, your dryer wouldn’t dry fast enough and it may be quite a hassle to deal with.

However, you can deal with it in a rather effective way by simply checking the lint filter for any damage, as well as any buildup that’s blocking the airflow.

If the lint filter doesn’t seem to have any such issues, then move on to other parts like the blower wheel and the coil.

If you prefer to get professional help, call your local appliance repair company for a free estimate with repair at 678-765-7774 or submit your service request here.

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