Evaluating the Life Expectancy of Major Household Appliances

Household appliances are not cheap, but since they’re basic necessities, they’re among the largest industry of America. While they may need constant maintenance and repairs, not everything lasts forever— much to our despair, and that of our bank balance. In that regard, before you make any purchase, it’s important to know how long you’re making your investment for and what you can expect on life expectancy of major household appliances. 

Some appliances are generally sold cheaper and thus have relatively lesser lifespan; in those cases, you should demand your money back!

Evaluating the Life Expectancy of Major Household Appliances: How long do they last?

Whenever you go out to make a purchase, you should be well aware of the lifespan of each appliance.

Here are a few appliances whose average lifespan will help you figure out just how long the appliance is meant to last:

  • Refrigerator: The normal one lasts around 25-30 years; whereas a compact fridge lasts 9 years, tops.
  • Microwave: Approximately 9 years
  • Washing machine: 15–20 years
  • Dryers: Approximately 15-20 years

However, to make it last, you need to make sure it’s well maintained.

To make home appliances last, you need to make sure they’re well maintained.

Enhancing The Life Of Your Appliances

Everyone wants their product working in optimal condition, but in due time, the parts will start to wear off. While the lifespan of each appliance may differ, it never hurts to know the tips and tricks to enhance its performance.

Here’s how you can make sure you keep your appliance running smoothly:

Tip #1: Keeping it all clean

The best way to ensure the function of your appliance is by keeping up with its cleanliness. Objects like microwaves, H VAC units or several other appliances tend to get debris, dust—and in the case of your microwave, oil – stuck in it.

This, over time, will impede its performance. By constantly making sure you clean it well, it ensures that the internal parts are running smoothly and are not over-worked due to overloaded debris.

Tip #2: Inspections are a must

To make sure your appliances are working smoothly, you need to keep up with its monthly inspections.

That way, any minor problem can easily be dealt with before it gets out of hand. Since home appliances are products that are constantly in use, these are often prone to wear and tear.

If not for the inspections, you’ll end up with a case of replacement sooner than necessary!

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