Constant Refrigerator Noise Driving You Crazy? Get Your Quick Fix Here!

Unusual refrigerator noise - Refrigerator Repair

Are the refrigerator noises driving you mad? All the whirring, bubbling, whistling, gurgling keeping you up at night?

Well, our expert appliance repair professionals in Atlanta can help you solve the mystery of this racket and fix it once and for all. Let’s explore the common problems that lead to your refrigerator noise.

1. Fan Motor Needs Replacement

Any time you refer to a cooling or refrigeration system, the fans are the biggest culprits behind the strange refrigerator noises you hear. Closely listen to the loud or strange noise originating inside your refrigerator; if they seem to be coming from the freezer, it’s the evaporator fan. Call on us and we’ll replace it right away.

2. The Defrost Timer’s Gone Bad

When you put your ear up to the fridge, and the noise seems to be coming from inside the fridge, but the fresh food drawer, it’s most likely the defrost timer. Again, this will need to be replaced.

3. Condenser Fan Might Be Acting Up

Those are the main causes of sounds originating inside the refrigerator; but what about those outside noises? These are usually caused by the condenser fan or the compressor. Check to see if something is in the condenser fan. If there isn’t, and it’s still making noise, then the fan motor is probably bad. Replace it.

4. The Compressor Needs Repairs

And if you can’t really pinpoint exactly where in the fridge the noise is coming from. Chances are that compressor has gone bad. Now you might think that the only way out is to buy a new fridge. We disagree. A compressor repair job may be expensive but it’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying a new refrigerator.

5. …Or there’s Nothing Wrong At All!

So yea, this has happened as well. The compressor on some older models is just plain old noisy. If you hear it groaning or moaning chances are that it’s just about to turn off and take a little rest. So there’s nothing to be alarmed about.

But it’s always a good idea to get an expert to take a look at your refrigerator just to ensure your peace of mind. For diagnostics and repairs to your refrigerator or freezer, it is recommended that you contact our Atlanta-based refrigerator repair professionals. Call us at 678-765-7774 or submit a service request on line to ensure safety and prevent future problems arising from improper repair.

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