Prevent DIY Fails With Professional Appliance Repair Expert

No matter how handy you may be around the house, professional appliance repair is required if you do not want to cause a flood, fire, electrical damage or other disasters. The ability to hang shelves or re-tile the floor differs greatly from the ability to work with complicated electrical equipment, heating elements, gas hookups and […]

Evaluating the Life Expectancy of Major Household Appliances

a series of major household appliances, Evaluating the Life Expectancy of Major Household Appliances

Household appliances are not cheap, but since they’re basic necessities, they’re among the largest industry of America. While they may need constant maintenance and repairs, not everything lasts forever— much to our despair, and that of our bank balance. In that regard, before you make any purchase, it’s important to know how long you’re making your investment […]

8 Genius Hacks For Your Home Appliances

Home Appliance Hacks You Need to Know About Home appliances can be overlooked at times when they are working properly, but all that daily wear and tear can take a hefty toll on home appliances – and most of them don’t have a self-cleaning mode. Yes, even the things that do the cleaning for us […]

Common Symptoms That Your Trusty Refrigerator Is About To Give Up!

Puddles of water, an unnaturally silent compressor, and ice on the walls of your freezer. These are signs your refrigerator is already on its last legs. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out whether your fridge/freezer just needs some TLC or if it’s time to get a replacement. Our experienced appliance repair professionals […]

Lint: The Number One Nemesis Of Your Clothes Dryer

dryers from different brands, Lint: The Number One Nemesis Of Your Clothes Dryer

Washing the clothes is less of a hassle than waiting for them to dry. Thanks to the clothes dryer, this too can be done quickly. It’s amazing how a simple machine quickly fluffs and dries a variety of fabrics. It saves you time and is easier than lining them all up on a clothespin. But […]

Looking for Kitchen Appliance Repair Service? Read This!

an appliance repair expert with his tools, Read this if You Are Looking for Kitchen Appliance Repair Service

Home appliances are never to be taken lightly, you may not spend too much money on purchasing them as compared to other expenses, however, they still form the basic necessity of the house. It’s no wonder the industry alone is worth an annual seven hundred billion US dollars! Kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators or […]

Refrigeration 101: Understanding the Working of a Refrigerator

a woman putting an apple and donut into her refrigerator, Refrigeration 101: Understanding the Working of a Refrigerator

An early morning tickle of the hunger buds. Let’s see, what’s in the fridge … Umm – an apple or a donut? Always — the apple! A great and healthy way to start your day. And it’s so fresh. And while you enjoy a juicy bite of the apple, we would like to interrupt — […]

Is Your Refrigerator Running Overtime?

refrigerator filled with vegetables, fruits, and juice, Is Your Refrigerator Running Overtime?

Household appliances help us manage our daily lives much more effectively. We can quickly prepare meals, store perishables like fruits and vegetables, and get the laundry done within an hour. Most families similarly depend on these appliances, particularly refrigerators. Our Atlanta refrigerator repair services are often called for overworking or malfunctioning refrigerators. If you notice […]

A Message from All Pro Appliance and Refrigerator Repair about Coronavirus Precautions

3D medical animation corona virus

The health and well-being of our customers, as well as our team, are our primary concern and top priority! Our company will remain open as long as we can offer a safe and healthy service to our local Metro Atlanta customers for refrigerator repair and some other appliances. Image source: A coronavirus cross-section. Credit: Scientific Animations/CC […]