Puddles of water, an unnaturally silent compressor, and ice on the walls of your freezer. These are signs your refrigerator is already on its last legs. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out whether your fridge/freezer just needs some TLC or if it’s time to get a replacement.

Our experienced appliance repair professionals can make the decision easy for you. They suggest getting a quick repair estimate and diagnostics to ensure that you make the right decision.

Here are a few signs to look out for though:

Your food keeps going bad before the use-by date

No there isn’t anything wrong with supermarket food, its jus that your fridge needs help, stat! It can’t cool properly and that’s why your leafy greens are now soggy greens and so on. If the problem is still in early stages, chances are it can be repaired. The culprits may be: a bad thermostat, dusty condenser coils and motors that are working overtime to compensate for the condenser coils.

Your energy bills are now higher than ever

This happens because your appliances are using more energy than they are supposed to. And since refrigerators are the mostly likely culprits you need to have yours checked stat. If the moor or compressor is on its last leg, you are better off investing in a newer model of fridge anyways. This is because the latest refrigerators are more energy efficient, and that means lower bills.

You can see frost and ice build ups on fridge walls

Now this is a massive pain, and seems to happen overnight. Believe it or not, while freezers are notorious for doing that kind of thing, fridge components can also fall victim to ice buildups as the refrigerators nears its end. Frost build up is a bad sign. On the other hand we’ve also seen fridges that aren’t really cold enough. They can’t seem to protect the food in there and the freezer seems to be losing its cooling power as well.

Get professional help stat!

You can hear a banging noise when there was none before

A healthy happy refrigerator usually generates a soft, low humming sound. Loud bangs, knocks, whirrs etc. all point to problem. Don’t ignore it, or you can seriously endanger your fridge and your family. If the humming starts and stops intermittently, it should also be sign of concern.

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